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Providing Accessibility to Beach Visitors of All Abilities

Impact Area: Social Equity
Region: Northeast

We're working to provide inclusive access to the state of Delaware's pristine ocean beaches for disabled visitors.

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About this project.

Last month was designated as “Delaware Disability Awareness Month” and providing inclusive access to the state’s pristine ocean beaches is the focus for our crowd-funding efforts.

Accessibility modifications are required at Delaware Seashore and Fenwick Island State Parks to enable persons with disabilities to gain access to its beaches, without these adaptations these visitors face an arduous journey through shifting sand. What is proposed is the installation of Mobi-Mats- lightweight, portable rollout pathways-that will provide people with disabilities enhanced mobility and access. The ADA-compliant mats create traction over sand and are a safe and effective beach access route for individuals of all levels of mobility as well as those with visual impairments. Easily installed and maintained, the Mobi-Mats create an inclusive environment that can be utilized by pedestrians and strollers, bicycles and golf carts, i.e., by everyone!

In addition, purchasing specialized beach wheelchairs would offer the wheelchair user a means to
achieve closer access to the Atlantic Ocean, as the Mobi-Mats do not extend to the tide line. Beach wheelchairs are equipped with large, hard-plastic wide wheels which roll across the sand without sinking and would afford people with disabilities an enhanced recreational experience.

How will this impact your community?

People with disabilities constitute our nation’s largest minority group and are also the most inclusive. Delaware alone has 56,000 persons with some form of disability. Disability is a natural part of the human experience and overcoming the barriers this population face with simple solutions-adaptions to the built environment is something individuals of all abilities can and should support. New ADA guidelines adopted in 2012 promote an accessible route to beach access and installation of the Mobi-Mat is a viable and inexpensive solution. Delaware State Parks mission is to ensure that the public lands it has been entrusted to preserve are "accessible and affordable to all segments of society." The addition of beach wheel chairs and Mobi-Mats would enhance the recreational experience for wheelchair users and promote inclusiveness on public lands.

About us!

We're a team of hardworking, outdoor loving, adventure seeking Parks employees! We spend more time outside than we do inside and believe that our beautiful parks should be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age, gender, or abilities. 

We, the
 Division of Parks and Recreation, operate and maintain 15 state parks and related preserves and green-ways throughout Delaware totaling more than 20,000 acres. The state's land protection programs, as well as the state's Green-ways program, are administered by the Division. We're also responsible for providing recreational opportunities and educational and interpretive programs for the public. Some of our other responsibilities include:
  • Acquiring and developing recreational lands & facilities
  • Providing for the protection of natural areas
  • Overseeing & planning for statewide recreational needs
And of course- LOVING the GREAT OUTDOORS! 

Delaware Seashore State Park lies between the Atlantic Ocean and the Rehoboth and Indian River Bays. The 2825 acre park is a popular beach destination for visitors along the east-coast and beyond. The parks offers a variety of activities including swimming, fishing, boating, hiking, surfing, and sailing to name a few! 

Fenwick Island State Park lies between Bethany Beach and Fenwick Island and Ocean City. This 3-mile stretch of barrier island is a playground of sand, surf, and sun along Delaware's Atlantic coast.


Our timeline is short and sweet!
  • Receive funding for purchase of Mobi-Mats and specialized beach wheelchairs for Delaware Seashore and Fenwick Island State Parks.
  • Once we've received enough funding we'll submit an order for the Mobi-Mats and wheelchairs
  • In a few weeks we should have the Mobi-Mats and wheelchairs shipped to our Parks and ready to be installed at the beaches and providing wider accessibility to users of all abilities! 

Doug Long
Delaware Seashore State Park Sup
Kimberlee Johnson
Grant Writer
Caroline Foltz
Marketing Specialist
Daphne Stubbolo
Marketing Specialist and Social
Karen Minner
Grants Administrator

About Doug Long

Doug oversees everything that has to do with Delaware Seashore State Park. He's our go-to beach guy and loves working and playing at the beach. If you've got a question about the beach- he's got the answer. You may even find him out surfing the waves!

About Kimberlee Johnson

Kim Johnson has been the grant writer for Delaware State Parks since 2008, strategically pursuing funding for projects and programs from multiple entities and engaging in public and private partnerships with foundations and corporations to benefit parks statewide. Kim enjoys spending time with her extended family and hopes one day to retire to the beaches of Delaware!

About Caroline Foltz

Caroline is a vital part of our small marketing team. She's always one step ahead of the curve and full of inspiring new ideas. She works angles and builds relationships. She is an avid equestrian, loves Chipotle salads (and Chick-fil-A), and giving back to the local community.

About Daphne Stubbolo

Daphne is our social media magician. She keeps us up to date and on trend. Photos and niche marketing are her forte. When she's not taking photos you can find her running along our trails, traveling near and far, and probably hiding from squirrels (yes, we think its weird too!).

About Karen Minner

Karen Minner is our hard-working Volunteer, Intern, and Grants Administrator. She has her hands in many pots and is always looking for ways to get people outside and in to Delaware State Parks! She loves coffee (like REALLY loves it), doing anything with her family, but especially going to Six Flags, and ,as a born Texan, she loves the Dallas Cowboys!