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Save the Pineapple Packing House!

Impact Area: Conservation
Region: South

We are raising funds to restore the Pineapple Packing House to be a educational display space to showcase our local history at DuBois Park!

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About this project.

The purpose of this project is to rehabilitate the Pineapple Packing House, a historic structure located in one of Palm Beach County’s most popular parks, DuBois Park.  Currently the Pineapple Packing House sits behind the DuBois House, unavailable to the public, and in significant disrepair.  Unbeknownst to most, this little ‘shed’ is one of the most important remaining historical structures in northern Palm Beach County.  We want to share the story of the Pineapple House - and all of DuBois Park – But we need YOUR help!


Why is the Pineapple House so special?


Most people know that DuBois Park is the home of the historic DuBois Pioneer Home, a National Historic Register site.  What most people probably don’t know about DuBois Park is that it is full of historical artifacts including a prehistoric Indian Shell Midden – on top of which Harry DuBois built his homestead in 1898!  Palm Beach County and its local partners have nearly fully restored the DuBois Home back to its original condition, as a way to share our local history with our residents and park patrons.   Recently, the County acquired another important historical relic – The Pineapple Packing House. To the average person visiting DuBois Park, this little building might just look like an old beat up shed – but it's not.  Local historians and historic resources have determined that this little ‘shed’ is actually the oldest wooden structure in Northern Palm Beach County!


So, What’s The Story?


The Pineapple House was located on a piece of property near present day U.S. Highway 1, on a plot of land where Harry DuBois farmed Pineapples.  The little shed was built to store the harvested crops.  Harry later purchased a plot of land, now DuBois Park, as the site of the home that he would bring his new bride home to.  DuBois floated the Pineapple House up the river to DuBois Park, and lived in it while he constructed what is now the DuBois Pioneer Home atop the shell midden.  Over the years the little house was used as a storage shed, and for awhile was a rental house – where it got its name, The Pineapple House. According to Harry’s son John, the Pineapple House is one of the oldest wooden structures still remaining in Palm Beach County today, and it pre-dates the DuBois house by at least several years.


                                                                       The DuBois Family on the front porch of the DuBois Pioneer Home


How can my donation help? What are you going to do?

Your support and contributions will help us to fund the exterior restoration and renovation of the Pineapple House.  As you can see, it is in poor condition, and requires significant amount of work in order to make it a safe space for the public to use! Our first phase of this project will complete the exterior structural rehabilitation in order to make the Pineapple Packing House safe and suitable for public use. This is the most critical part of our project. Without your help we will not be able to move on to the second phase of our project, and achieve our goal of making this space into an educational kiosk to showcase this Park and its local history!


How will this impact your community?

The ultimate goal of the Pineapple Packing House restoration project is to provide the public with access to it local history.  The Pineapple Packing House and the DuBois Pioneer Home are one of the few remaining historical landmarks in northern Palm Beach County. DuBois Park is not only one of Palm Beach County’s most popular parks; it’s also one that is rich with history.  In fact, did you know that a recent discovery of what is believed to be a 16th century trade bead, may link this site to the explorer Ponce De León?  Or, did you know that the main hill on which the DuBois house sits is actually the remains of a shell midden built by Native American tribes nearly 1000 years ago? DuBois Park is a valuable natural and cultural resource destination, and Palm Beach County hopes to preserve and maintain its integrity.  There are not many destinations in Palm Beach County where you can go to picnic, snorkel and boat AND also learn about the long standing local history!

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About our Project Site

Dubois Park is an 18.69 acre passive park facility, located on the south side of the Jupiter Inlet, near the Town of Jupiter.  The park features picnic tables and grills and a group picnic pavilion available for rental.  It’s location along the Jupiter Inlet provides opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, boating, and beautiful scenery.  There are outdoor showers and restrooms available to service the public.  Featured on the property is the Dubois Pioneer Home, which is wood-framed, shingled two-story residence, indicative of houses constructed in the late 1800's.  The residence is located atop a "midden" or indian mound; which gives visitors to the building a view of the Inlet.  (A "midden" is a waste heap left by the ancient indians; comprised primarily of discarded food scraps and discarded implements.)  The home is on the National Register of Historical Places and opened to the public for tours, on weekends.  Some rooms, within the home, are decorated with period furniture to recall an era of early pioneer life, in South Florida.  Adjacent to the DuBois Pioneer Home, is the Pineapple Packing House, a small structure that has served as both a storage for crops in the 1800s as well as a residence to the DuBois family.


View of the Jupiter Inlet from DuBois Park




Currently, we have a project scope and design drawings in place and will be ready to bid this project by the January 2015 and award by March 2015.  We anticipate that the structural renovations of the Pineapple Packing House will begin in April of 2015 and be completed by September of 2015. 

Mallory Daniel
Manager, Business Development

About Mallory Daniel

Mallory Daniel is the Business Development Manager for Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation. Although not a Florida native, she has whole heartedly embraced the Florida lifestyle – especially the outdoors. As an employee of Parks and Recreation for nearly the last two years, she has experienced all of the diverse and beautiful amenities available in Palm Beach County’s expansive park system, from the swampy glades, to the crystal blue ocean waters. As the Business Development manager, Mallory is tasked with managing the Gifts to Parks program, and works with staff to identify opportunities to leverage private resources to maximize partnerships. mdaniel@pbcgov.org