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Disc Golf Course at Monte Bella Trails Park

Impact Area: Conservation, Health and Wellness, Social Equity
Region: South

It's FREE, FUN, playable for all ages, you're in nature, you don't have to be in shape, w/friends and family, progressive skill development

$2,000 Raised out of $10,000
16 Donors
0 Days Remaining

About this project.

Our goal is to bring a permanent tournament playable Disc Golf Course to the beautiful City of Brownsville and establish a permanent course at Monte Bella Park on Alton Gloor Blvd; to conserve the park for its naturalness and keep it relatively undeveloped as urban sprawl heads north.  Disc golf is a free activity that promotes the naturalness of the park as well as  active living for all ages and all ability levels!



  • Tee Boxes
  • Baskets

WHEN we SURPASS the $10,000 mark we can crowdfund for:

 TIER 2 - Additional $5,000

  • Shade Structures
  • Benches

TIER 3 - Additional $10,000

  • Course Obstacles - more trees and water hazards
  • Way finding signage

Why is Disc Golf so FUUUNNNN?

1. NATURE - You're IN it!

Studies show people feel better when they are in nature - it's the science of AWE

Nature is good for us, having long term and short term mental and physical health benefits:


have diabetes?

do you or your child or someone you know have a physical, mental, or behavioral health disorder?


Nature and Recreation Help!

Disc Golf is one of many ways to be in Nature.

2.  IT'S FREE!

Aside from the cost to build it doesn't cost to play !

if everyone donated $1 we'd have well over the money to build it.

3. Economic Development

 For those who want to have positive economic impact on the community, Disc Golf can bring tournaments to Brownsville and increase sales tax on items and visits to nearby businesses.


30 Day Campaign - August 25 - Sept 25th

Design it - Sept 26 - Dec 31

Build it - Jan 2016

Disc Golf at Monte Bella helps to preserve the natural beauty of this park; it compliments the mountain bike trail; and keeps nature in an expanding urban area.

How will this impact your community?

The benefits of disc golf are immeasurable.  For the Brownsville Parks and Recreation Department, the sport of disc golf will expand its amenities by adding a quality recreational opportunity and by attracting new users to the park system.  Disc golf exists throughout the county, state, country and world and is expected to enhance the site at Monte Bella Trails Park by attracting local community members and disc golfers from surrounding areas to Brownsville.   


There is relatively little cost involved with installing a disc golf course and it can make good use of land, requires minimal maintenance costs associated with upkeep and operation.  Additionally, disc golf can be played year round (rain or shine).  


Adding disc golf to the Monte Bella Trails Park will enhance this scenic site consisting of approximately 100 acres and will provide a recreational amenity that does not currently exist in Brownsville.  For disc golf players, the sport can be played at virtually any age, thus promoting health and wellness by encouraging outdoor active lifestyles, promoting conservation, and increasing social equity.  A disc golf course would greatly complement the 7 miles of mountain bike trails at Monte Bella Trails Park, creating additional usage of the site and promoting community engagement.   

About us!

The City of Brownsville Parks and Recreation Department strives to fulfill its mission statement of being “committed to providing quality recreational services, facilities, and programs necessary for the positive development and well being of the community and the improvement of the quality of life for all residents."

The City of Brownsville Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) offers high quality recreational opportunities to the citizens and visitors of Brownsville. The Parks Department is staffed with over about 100 full and part time personnel who manage 30 parks encompassing almost 1,000 acres of parkland, featuring 34 miles of hike/bike trails, 3 gymnasiums and pools, 50 buildings and structures, over 55 athletics fields, and the Catherine Stillman Dog Park.  Brownsville PARD has recently become one of the fastest growing Parks and Recreation Departments in the State of Texas and boasts several facilities that have received state recognition.  

On any given day, city residents and visitors can watch or participate in soccer, baseball, football, mountain biking, golf, volleyball, kickball, swimming, skateboarding and soon in 2016, Brownsville will offer disc golf at the Monte Bella Trails Park.  


  • 30 Day Campaign - Aug 25th - Sept 25th
  • Design it - Sept 26th - Dec 31st
  • Build it - Jan 2016

Roxanna G. Rosas, MBA
Public Information Manager
Sarah C. Dierlam
Grant Writer
Sandra De Leon
Grant Writer
Marina M. Zolezzi
Director, Office of Grant Manage
Damaris McGlone
Parks and Recreation Director

About Roxanna G. Rosas, MBA

About Sarah C. Dierlam

Sarah Dierlam joined the Office of Grant Management & Community Development in May 2014. Before coming to work as a grant writer, Sarah worked as a tutor at the University of Texas at Brownsville where she acquired skills such as proofreading, editing, and research. She also gained experience working as a research graduate assistant for the English Department where she assisted in the development of a children’s literature certificate. Sarah obtained her Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Texas at Brownsville in 2013. She is currently seeking a Master of Arts in English from University of Texas at Brownsville.

About Sandra De Leon

Sandra De Leon has been employed as a Grant Writer with the City of Brownsville since November 2000. During 1989-2008, Ms. De Leon worked approximately 15 years at several financial institutions in Brownsville where she learned various aspects of the banking industry. In December 1997, Ms. De Leon received a Bachelors of Science in Biology with core credits earning a double minor in Chemistry and English from the University of Texas at Brownsville. In 1998-1999, she was employed as a Secondary Science Teacher with the Brownsville Independent School District. In 2000, Ms. De Leon was one of 24 students accepted to the Bridge-To-Medicine Program at Texas A&M College Station, TX. It is with great pleasure and humility that Ms. De Leon serves her community and the citizens of Brownsville in attempting to make a positive difference in their lives, as is evident with the addition of a recreational opportunity such as the “Disc Golf Course at Monte Bella Trails Park” among other projects.

About Marina M. Zolezzi

Marina Zolezzi has been working with the City of Brownsville since October 2008. Most recently, Ms. Zolezzi was the Court Administrator for the Brownsville Municipal Court where she held the position for more than five years. While at the Municipal Court, Ms. Zolezzi, along with the Presiding Municipal Court Judge, streamlined two very important dockets which include the Scire Facias and Show Cause hearing dockets. Ms. Zolezzi has a Master’s in Public Affairs from the LBJ School of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin. During graduate school Ms. Zolezzi interned with the City of Austin- Auditor’s Office and with the St. David’s Community Health Foundation. She holds a Bachelors in Business Administration from St. Mary’s University, San Antonio, TX with concentrations in Financial Services and Corporate Finance. In addition, Marina Zolezzi received her Certified Public Manager’s certification from the University of Texas at Brownsville in 2010. Before attending graduate school, Ms. Zolezzi worked with the U.S. Department of Treasury-Financial Management Service as a Management and Program Analyst where she lead the implementation of the automated check inventory system among the Treasury's Regional Disbursing Centers. Ms. Zolezzi is passionate in serving the community, especially for the City of Brownsville, where she was born and raised. Ms. Zolezzi is currently part of the Supervisory Committee with the Brownsville City Employees Federal Credit Union and a member and officer with the Zonta Club of Brownsville.

About Damaris McGlone

In my short time as the Assistant Director and now Director for the City of Brownsville Parks and Recreation Department I have been speaking to community members about upgrading the "tree targets" to true disc golf baskets and have since been looking for opportunities to make that a reality and then the NRPA crowdfunding grant opportunity came along and my first thought was "...Disc Golf at Monte Park...it's time to Bring it to Brownsville!" I am so excited for this opportunity for the community and how it can help us prosper in health, wellness, tourism, economic development, and even utilizing low impact development standards and hopefully some storm water retention. I am an awful disc golf player but no matter how awful I am; I have so much FUN …and as a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Therapist I see how this disc golf park can help those in our community with disabilities - physical, mental, emotional - all people of all ages can have cognitive, behavioral, gait and mobility improvement, memory and concentration can all be impacted by a variety of recreation activities and disc golf lets us be in nature which is spiritually fulfilling and a natural stress reliever .... for FREE; I say "BRING IT TO BROWNSVILLE! Donate $1 or more if you’re able.”