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Better Access – Better Experience!

Impact Area: Health and Wellness, Social Equity
Region: Northeast

A more accessible and user-friendly family changing room is in the works! You can help us bring this space to life.

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About this project.

We want our aquatics center to offer state of the art amenities to all of our visitors.  We want to answer the changing needs of our community by providing a family changing room that allows for all of our residents to enjoy their experience from arrival to departure.  While the aquatics center currently has a dedicated space used for family changing needs, the features and access to the deck is inadequate and it doubles as the accessible restroom for the men’s locker room. Visitors using the current space then access the pool/deck area by walking back through the lobby and enter through an access door. 

As the first indoor public swimming pool in the United States, we pride ourselves on the rich history our facility provides to the community and industry.  Funding will allow us to provide a family changing room at the Evelyn Kirrane Aquatics Center that serves visitors with state of the art amenities.

Funds are being raised on behalf of, not by, the Brookline Community Foundation for the Friends of Brookline Recreation Fund. Funds will support the Friends of Brookline Recreation. For more information on the Brookline Community Foundation, please visit www.brooklinecommunity.org.

How will this impact your community?

The addition of this space will provide our diverse community with an amenity that best suits their individual and family needs.  Currently our locker rooms host the high school swim team alongside a preschool child and parent finishing up a class as our health and wellness participants prepare to enter the pool.  The locker rooms provide adequate lockers, showers and changing space, however, they do not provide the privacy and access needed for the families we serve.   This will provide a more friendly and accommodating experience for all and attract more families who currently have this amenity at neighboring aquatics centers.  

About us!

The Evelyn Kirrane Aquatics Center is one of several facilities operated by the Brookline Recreation Department.  As the site of the first indoor public bathhouse erected in 1883, over 3,800 “baths” were taken by the men and boys of Brookline.  Over the years several renovations have occurred including the new building which houses three pools; a six lane 25 yard lap pool, a shallow water lesson pool and a 12 foot deep diving well suited with a one meter board.  Improvements also include a copper ionization system, filtration systems, HVAC, Colorado timing system and most recently the addition of three accessible lifts located on deck at each pool.

Community members of all ages and abilities utilize our facility through a vast variety of services; including lessons, camps, clinics, certifications, teams, swim meets and health & wellness classes.  We are located adjacent to the public high school, one block from the public train stop and in the heart of a neighborhood.

Link to our PDF: http://ma-brooklinerecreation.civicplus.com/DocumentCenter/View/118


Project Timeline

August 25th:                                         Campaign goes LIVE!!

August 25th – September 25th:            Crowdfund like crazy!

October 2015:                                     Design and Project bids go out

November 2015:                                 Select a contractor

Late winter 2016:                                Project work begins

Early spring 2016:                               Project complete and opens to community

Melissa Battite, CPRP
Asst. Recreation Director
Debra Cohen
Aquatics Director
Mariana McCarthy
Assistant Aquatics Director
Farisa Jimenez
Marketing Assistant
Stephanie Maloney
Business Manager

About Melissa Battite, CPRP

Melissa has been with the Brookline Recreation department for 22 years and in her current role for six years. Melissa supports facility managers in the development and delivery of programs, services and operations. Additionally, she creates, develops and maintains community partnerships. She is dedicated to her work in public service and is active member of professional organizations. Melissa is currently the President of the Massachusetts Recreation and Park Association and is a member of the NRPA Administrators Network Leadership Team. Melissa has presented at the Connecticut, Massachusetts and National conferences and has been recognized by for her work through local and state recognition, most recently received a Community Leadership award from the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition. She can be reached at mbattite@brooklinema.gov

About Debra Cohen

Debra Cohen has been in the industry for over 40 years (starting as a lifeguard in 1975) and has managed a variety of aquatic facilities since 1983. She is an avid runner who also enjoys walking her dog, swimming, cycling, riding motorcycles, kayaking, camping and hiking. In her “spare time” she also volunteers as a mascot for public television events. She can be reached at dcohen@brooklinema.gov

About Mariana McCarthy

Mariana McCarthy is the Assistant Aquatics Director at the Evelyn Kirrane Aquatics Center. She have a B.S in Sport Movement Science, with a concentration in Aquatic Management. She is interested in the advancement of health and fitness, and the safety and quality improvement in the aquatics environment. She can be reached at mlmccarthy@brooklinema.gov

About Farisa Jimenez

Farisa Jimenez is the Marketing Assistant for the Brookline Recreation Department. She designs the department’s newsletter and seasonal program guide as well distribute the marketing materials to publicize the special events and activities Recreation runs. She also maintains the website and manages the social media outlets. She also performs a range of other administrative tasks in the department. She is always open to new ideas and finding the best methods of implementing a successful marketing strategy. She can be reached at fjimenez@brooklinema.gov

About Stephanie Maloney

Stephanie Maloney is the newest member of the Brookline Recreation team. As the Business Manager, she oversees the daily administrative and business operations of the Department. She is currently working towards her Masters Degree in Public Administration. She can be reached at smaloney@brooklinema.gov