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Accessible Urban Agriculture

Impact Area: Health and Wellness
Region: South

To help everyone in Arlington experience the joys of growing their own food, this project will build four ADA-compliant vertical gardens!

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About this project.

Everybody deserves fresh healthy food. To help everyone in Arlington have access to the same resources, the funding will build four ADA-compliant customized A-Frame Plug and Play vertical farms in the Glebe & Lang Street Community Garden. These vertical gardens will give our residents with disabilities full access to one of Arlington's favorite programs -- our public community gardens. This innovative design will also demonstrate a true urban-farming option that anyone could adapt to their space-constrained gardens.

The vertical gardens will be the core of an urban agriculture education and demonstration program. In partnership with the Therapeutic Recreation Unit in the Department of Parks and Recreation, these gardens will not only improve accessibility, but will be a visible demonstration of urban agriculture suitable for the small space gardener. We'll show, "boots on the ground," how anyone--regardless of mobility, disability or small space-- can take control of their food sources by using an A-frame design.  And we will expand this popular program to an under-represented segment of the gardening population.

Our other partners will help the community learn about sustainable agriculture, healthy food preparation, preservation and nutrition training through programs at the gardens. These classes will help to reduce food waste, improve health and encourage conservation of our beloved natural resources.

Arlington's community gardens are real working communities. By providing these accessible gardens, our participants will be able to engage in these communities through gardening activities.

How will this impact your community?

Arlington is a very diverse, vibrant place to live and work, with urban agriculture serving as a core element of this community. Arlington has seven publicly owned community gardens that were created in the 70's and 80's; none support the needs of people with disabilities or mobility issues.

The gardens have become more and more popular as Arlington has become increasingly urban, with shrinking open space and fewer single family residences. Currently, there are more than 500 people on the wait list for a garden. To address this growing demand, the County has purchased land to expand the gardens and is sub-dividing plots to accommodate more gardeners.

Social equity and inclusion is a top priority for Arlington County. We want to create community gardens that are accessible to all. Using an innovative A-frame vertical farm design, we will build four customized A-Frame Plug and Play vertical farms that will be fully compliant for people with mobility issues. These accessible vertical gardens are the first of their kind in the region.

Not only can these vertical gardens be a centerpiece of a horticulture therapy and agriculture education program, they support our goals to create inclusive, sustainable food production here in Arlington.

About us!

Arlington County's vision is to be a diverse and inclusive urban community where people unite to form a caring, learning, participating, sustainable community, where each person is important. Located near the nation's capital, Arlington County is home to a very diverse, involved and community-minded population. 

The Department of Parks and Recreation promotes wellness and vitality through dynamic programs and attractive public spaces. Our facilities range from parks, sports fields, nature and community centers to spraygrounds, playgrounds and a skate park. We are stewards to the County’s natural resources and provide affordable recreational programs and services for people of all ages, abilities and interests.

We are proud to have embraced urban agriculture and continue to seek ways to include all those who live and work here in the joys of a healthy sustainable lifestyle, including access to fresh nutritious food.


May -- Site preparation
June -- Construction of vertical gardens
July -- Plant!
July-October -- Provide programs, access and learning experiences around the gardens.

Kimberly Haun
Urban Agriculture Coordinator
Susan Kalish
Communications Manager
Jeanette Ankoma-Sey
Parks Planning and Designer

About Kimberly Haun

Coordinates community garden, farmers markets and other urban agriculture programs for Arlington County

About Susan Kalish

Susan manages the communications and outreach team for the Arlington County Department of Parks and Recreation

About Jeanette Ankoma-Sey

March 31, 2016 - Off to a great start!!!

We are off to a great start!  Let's celebrate the start of April tomorrow by spreading the word to all our friends and colleagues about this worthy project.  We have 29 days to go! Thank you to all our supporters.