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Keep Cool and Skate On (Catoctin SkatePark Re-development Project)

Impact Area: Health and Wellness
Region: Northeast

Help add shading and seating to the new Catoctin SkatePark in Leesburg! #keepcoolandskateon

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About this project.

The Town of Leesburg is getting a new skate park, but currently there is not funding for a shade structure or park benches. We are seeking $40,000 to add shading and seating that will allow users to skate longer and give spectators a safe place to watch the action. The shade and seating elements will also be crucial amenities for when the skate park hosts future skating or bike competitions.

The original Catoctin SkatePark was opened in 1998 and was very well received by the community, even receiving a visit from pro skateboarder, Tony Hawk for the grand opening. Today, the aging skate park continues to receive heavy use, and the need to modernize the facility is a high priority of the department and the Town. The Leesburg Town Council has approved funding for the re-development of the skate park; however this funding does not include shade or seating elements at the park for users or spectators. With the goal of developing a modern concrete facility that will meet the needs of the community, and with a departmental vision statement of ‘To Achieve Excellence’, we would like to see this project developed in its entirety to benefit our residents.

The current wooden ramp skate park sits between a volunteer rescue squad site and an abandoned parcel of Town property. The rescue squad is in need of expanding their facility, and the skate park has exceeded its useful life. The re-development project calls for the skate park to move to the vacant property and be re-built as a modern streetscape concrete facility. Moving from the skate park, will provide the rescue squad the land to expand their operations and meet the demands of the growing community. This perfect scenario allows the park to stay in a centralized location with access to modern, safe skate park amenities for all users via a major trail adjacent to the property and the rescue squad is able to achieve its goal.

How will this impact your community?

Adding a shade structure and seating elements to the skate park will:

⦁ Allow skaters and bikers to enjoy the park for longer periods of time.
⦁ Create a space where users of the park can come together and enjoy the social aspects of skateboarding in a safe environment.
⦁ Give parents and caregivers the opportunity to observe and interact with younger users which will increase supervised attendance.
⦁ Ensure the opportunity to host events, as spectators will have a more comfortable viewing area.

About us!

The Town of Leesburg Parks and Recreation Department, with the support of the Town Council and our residents, is dedicated to providing high quality programs, parks, and facilities to meet the diverse needs of its citizens while striving to achieve excellence in the services and programs it provides. The department operates 17 parks (both active and passive in nature), a recreation center with aquatic, fitness, and recreation opportunities, an 11-court tennis complex, an outdoor aquatic center, tournament quality ball fields, skate park, dog park, and more. Each year, the department offers over 3,000 recreation programs for all ages and interests, including swim lessons, nature programs, fitness, art, music, theater, tennis, camps, preschool, and environmental stewardship; and produces numerous community-wide special events throughout the year. The department has been recognized twice as a National Gold Medal award winner and continues to strive for excellence in the programs and facilities it offers to the citizens of Leesburg.


The Catoctin SkatePark Re-development Project will be completed in two phases.  In the first phase, the original skate park will be demolished and the new site will be erected in the adjacent vacant lot.  The new skate park will be completed prior to January 1, 2017.  The second phase will be completed by June 1, 2017 and will include the installation of the parking lot and site lighting. With the help of our generous donors, we hope to install the shade and seating elements during the second phase.

Deanne Iverson
Recreation Projects Coordinator

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