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Town Common Inclusive Playground - Free Play and Landscaping Enhancements

Impact Area: Health and Wellness, Social Equity
Region: South

Provide interactive landscaping and free play enhancements to the Town Common Playground plan.

$7,595 Raised out of $15,000
70 Donors
0 Days Remaining

About this project.

     Thanks to a very generous $750,000.00 grant from Trillium Health Resources, a one-of-a-kind, inclusive playground is under development for Town Common. Nonetheless, we are hopeful that our residents and businesses will join in to provide additional community funds to support the inclusion of more canopy trees and interactive and sensory landscaping elements ($7,500), and a system of interlocking wooden blocks and planks for the nature play area ($7,500), thereby making the playground even more attractive, dynamic, popular, and impactful. 

  • The first $5,000 raised will support higher quality landscaping.
  • The next $7,500 will enable acquisition of an outdoor play blocks kit (see photo).
  • The final $2,500 will provide additional landscaping elements.


      Any support is welcome,Fund Your Park donors will be recognized in the following ways.

  • On the City of Greenville website.
  • In the Greenville Recreation and Parks Department (GRPD) Spring/Summer  2017 printed and digital program guide.
  • In the Town Common Playground opening celebration program guide.
  • On the GRPD and City of Greenville Facebook Page.
  • A printed ad in the Daily Reflector.
  • Invitation to a pre-opening play party.
  • Listing on signage mounted to the Play Block kit.

      If you are a business or non-profit please contact Christopher Horrigan, Park Coordinator, at 252-329-4562 or chorrigan@greenvillenc.gov and we can provide you detailed information on how your business will be recognized for their donation.

How will this impact your community?

Benefits of Free Play 

     Benefits from free play, specifically block building elements like those included in this request, are significant. Block building develops engineering skills, hand-eye coordination, cooperation and creativity. Calories are burned not only gathering supplies and constructing, but after building when kids are running around engaged in make believe play.  The addition of free play blocks will extended the amount of time parents and youth remain in the park and are engaged in active play.


Benefits of Landscaping


     Quality landscaping is often the difference between a good park and one that is unique and excellent. Research suggests that appropriate and aesthetic landscaping may provide additional benefits to the park experience, including stress reduction, positive emotions, promotion of physical activity, socialization and collective nature experiences;  don’t forget the comfort of a shady tree in July. While the benefits of quality landscaping is high, so too is the cost. The current budget provides for a basic level of landscaping, additional plantings will enable us move this project from “special” to “extraordinary.” 


The donation amount you provide below will allows us to purchase


  • $600-800 = 4"-5" Caliper Tree (Oak, etc.)
  • $300-400 = 2-3" Caliper Tree (Oak, etc.)
  • $100-150 = Large Shrubs (15 gallon)
  • $50-100   = Small / Medium Shrubs (7 gallon)
  • $20-30     = Ornamental Grasses / Perennials (3 gallon)

About us!

     The Greenville Recreation and Parks Department provides a variety of athletic, recreational, and arts and crafts activities for all ages and special populations. The department maintains more than 25 parks and recreational facilities, including numerous gymnasiums, recreation and community centers, swimming pools, tennis courts, a soccer complex, softball and baseball fields, playgrounds, a greenway, as well as The Town Common and Greenville Amphitheater, River Park North, Bradford Creek Public Golf Course, the Aquatics and Fitness Center, the Extreme Park, and River Birch Tennis Center.

Mission statement

     To advance parks, recreation, and environmental conservation efforts that promote mental and physical health, serve as a deterrent to illegal or inappropriate behaviors, and enhance Greenville's quality of life.


     You may have noticed construction has already begun on the Town Common Playground. Construction is scheduled to be completed by September 30th, 2016.

     The Fund Your Park campaign opens August 23rd and runs to September 23rd. We encourage donors to donate early. If goals are met early we are able to incorporate the funds into the project as it is under construction. Funds not spent during the construction stage will be incorporated into the park within 45 days of the campaign closing and the funds raised being released to the City of Greenville.

     We encourage donors to check back often to see the progress of the campaign and stay tuned for special events and announcements associated with the project and campaign.

Christopher Horrigan
Campaign Coordinator
Caethe Vance
Campaign FUNdraiser
Bailey Cooper
Campaign FUNdraiser

About Christopher Horrigan

Park Coordinator, Greenville Recreation and Park Department. Christopher manages 450 acres of natural area, the Walter L Stasavich Science and Nature Center, and play initiatives for the department. He is also a student at East Carolina University pursuing an MS in Recreation and Park Administration.

About Caethe Vance

Caethe is a Park Attendant at River Park North. Caethe is also the lead programmer for various programs for all ages. She is also a student of East Carolina University pursuing a Bachelors in Recreation and Park Management that will focus on specializing in outdoor environmental education.

About Bailey Cooper

Bailey is a Park Attendant at River Park North and a sophomore at East Carolina University. She is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a minor in Sport Studies. Bailey has led and helped with numerous programs, projects, and special tasks during her time at River Park North.

September 9, 2016 - Construction Continues

Construction continues at Town Common, the grading work being done in the background will separate the 2-5 and 5-12 year old playground areas connecting them by bridge and a slide. Invite your friends to be part of this unique project.

August 27, 2016 - Construction Begins

Construction is underway on the Town Common Playground, check back weekly for update photos or on Facebook and to keep track of how close we are to reaching our goal. Thanks for your support.