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Can-Do Playground at Alapocas Run State Park

Impact Area: Health and Wellness, Social Equity
Region: Northeast

Delaware State Parks has big plans to revitalize and expand the barrier-free Can-Do Playground to add more fun for kids of all abilities!

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About this project.

Delaware State Parks is excited to revitalize and expand the barrier-free Can-Do Playground in Alapocas Run State Park, which is now celebrating its 10th anniversary! 

The Revitalization Plan

1. Expand the playground’s footprint by 5,000 square feet, adding an additional twenty pieces of nature-themed playground equipment and “fun facts” signage promoting experiential learning.

2. Replace play equipment worn by weather and utilization with activity panels that add auditory, tactile and visual stimulation throughout the play structure.

3. Enhance the parent-child bonding experience with expression swings, configured with a face-to-face design to encourage intergenerational play.

4. Optimize the rubberized surface areas to ensure ease of access for children with mobility disabilities

5. Add an accessible area for picnic tables and ground level music activities.

How will this impact your community?

From its inception a decade ago, the Can-Do Playground has been a community-inspired concept whose implementation was led by Rotarians from six Wilmington area clubs working in concert with Delaware State Parks. Members solicited community input for the project’s location and design, which allows access to more than 70% of the activities and equipment regardless of a child’s ability or developmental progress. Situated within two miles of center city Wilmington and accessible via a paved greenways trail, the Can-Do Playground’s expansion will further serve disenfranchised children in low-income urban communities.

The testimonials provided below from parents and care givers best exemplifies the qualitative impact of the Can-Do Playground; its expansion will enhance its capacity to quantitatively reach additional children with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorder.

  • “The Can-Do Playground was instrumental in my daughter’s progress in her early years of recovering movement and feeling in her left shoulder, a result of a birth injury called Erbs Palsy-brachial plexus. We would actually meet her Occupational Therapist at the playground because of the wide variety of equipment and easy accessibility for my daughter and her service dog.  I have watched my daughter grow and improve both physically and socially on that playground, and we will be forever grateful that it was brought into our community.”
  • “The Can-Do Playground was a huge help in our daughter’s occupational therapy. We needed a spinning activity to stimulate her vestibular process within her body and the playground had a piece of equipment that allowed us to do that. Her vestibular base was shortly activated which allowed many other processes to build and develop.”
  • “The Can-Do playground has been a lifesaver for our family!  Our son is 10 years old, and he has non-verbal autism.  He also has a habit of running away and he cannot respond to his name if called. This makes traditional parks a nightmare. The Can-Do playground gives our son the ability to play independently; because of the fenced enclosure, we know he is safe.  My husband and I can take a breath and let him play on his own without being just a step behind him the whole time.   It's the ONLY place that he can play on his own like a typical kid.  Thank you so much to the Rotary for providing us a place that our son can be safe, comfortable and have fun just like everyone else!”

About us!

Our mission is to provide Delaware's residents and visitors with safe and enjoyable recreational opportunities and open spaces, responsible stewardship of the lands and the cultural and natural resources that we have been entrusted to protect and manage and resource-based interpretive and educational services.

The Can-Do Playground is the embodiment of the reason Delaware State Parks won the National Gold Medal Award in 2015 for: “Addressing the needs of all of its constituents through the collective energies of citizens, staff and community partners.”  

Please join us in fundraising for the future expansion of the Can-Do playground!


If we are able to reach our goal, the Wilmington community will be able to enjoy the new expansion this Fall! Check out our proposed timeline below! 

July 28: Can-Do Board will review all of the planning and costs for final approval 
August 21: The team will mobilize for construction until August 25 
August 28: Site work construction begins and will continue until September 25 
October 3: Installation of playground equipment starts and continues until October 9 
October 10: Rubberized surface will be put in place, and needs to sit until October 16 
October 30: The project will be complete!

Alana Delaney
Park Manager, Alapocas Run State
Madison Watkins
Marketing Director
Caroline Foltz
Enterprise Development Coordinat
Abby Shepard
Digital Media Manager

About Alana Delaney

Alana is the Park Manager for Alapocas Run State Park and the Blue Ball Barn. She oversees daily operations at the park and coordinates the facility event rentals for the Blue Ball Barn. She also manages the Delaware Folk Art Collection, which is a must see if you haven’t visited it yet! You might run into Alana creek hiking with her dogs at White Clay Creek State Park or rock climbing at Alapocas Run.

About Madison Watkins

Madison oversees marketing and advertising for Delaware State Parks, and is always looking for innovative ways to bring new visitors to our award-winning state park system. From partnering with public and private businesses, to staying up to date on all the latest trends, she strives to make the parks better than ever for the people who enjoy them. When she's not working her marketing magic in the office, you can find her hiking the trails at Lums Pond and walking along the beach at Cape Henlopen!

About Caroline Foltz

Caroline is our go-to gal for sponsorships, public-private partnerships and special-events. She works angles and builds relationships to better State Parks and the community. Her favorite thing about Delaware and our state parks system is the diverse geography our small state offers for recreation in just a short drive; one day you may find her renting a paddleboard at Quest Kayak at Cape Henlopen and the next riding her horses through the trails at Lums Pond!

About Abby Shepard

Abby is the Digital Media Manager for Delaware State Parks. She is constantly keeping Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest up to date with engaging content to get people excited about visiting our beautiful park system. While she loves all 16 of the parks, the beach is her favorite place to be. You can usually find Abby outside with a camera and a phone looking for new things to post on social media!