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Le Tulle Park - Dreamscape

Impact Area: Social Equity
Region: South

A gathering place where children of all abilities can play and socialize together to create an environment of friendship and understanding.

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About this project.

Bay City WANTS YOU to partner with us to raise funds to begin building the FIRST Playscape for All in Matagorda County.  This play structure will provide a new play experience. We believe each population of children will learn from one another, resulting in a new perspective and appreciation for each other. 

The playscape is designed with structures made specifically for special needs children that will help them blend and interact with all children.  It will also be an area fun for children to be active outdoors.  The true goal of the project is adding value to our community in terms of getting kids active, imaginative and cooperative in play, while providing a safe environment for families.

The reality for many families of children with disabilities is that what is usually a simple outing for others, is not so simple at all. When it comes to accessing an environment, there are so many details that people without disabilities take for granted. For families of children with disabilities, a trip to the playground is not as easy as grabbing the sunblock and piling into the suburban. A trip to the playground involves a great deal of planning, research, and effort, and upon arrival there may be very few pieces of equipment that children with disabilities can safely use and enjoy, if any. By design, a playground created for children of all abilities would eliminate many of the obstacles families encounter while trying to provide their children with a normal childhood experience. It would give all families an opportunity to enjoy a trip to the playground that involves more play than work.

In the United States, 6.7% of children under the age of 18 have activity limitations. An accessible playground allows for increased mobility and provides recreational opportunity for children with disabilities to interact with siblings and their peers.

Research on play suggests that there is a great need to provide barrier-free outdoor facilities so all children have equal access to building life skills that are developed through play. The interactions that happen at our playgrounds are a critical part of helping kids understand what makes every person unique.

Throughout the country, accessible and barrier-free playgrounds are becoming important community projects.  The idea behind barrier free is simple: make the playground accessible for all abilities. Modifications are made to play equipment, walking surfaces, and other equipment in the park so everyone can play together and that every child, no matter the ability, can play. 

Le Tulle Park is our oldest and most visited.  In a recent survey it was rated as Bay City’s favorite Park and is home to numerous events and rental pavilions.  The addition of this playscape will benefit the community as a whole by providing a new play area for children of all abilities to play and grow together truly Making Life Better In Bay City.

ALL donations will help make this project a reality.  However, if you would like to be a gold level component sponsor at $1,000 or a silver level sponsor at $500 you will be recognized on signage at the playscape for your generosity.  Please remember no gift is too small OR too big!!

How will this impact your community?

Bay City will be the FIRST Playscape in Matagorda County designed and constructed for children of all abilities.  Bay City residents with special needs is a hidden population not often seen in parks or at events.

The Playground for Everyone offers the opportunity for our community members to help each other.  Building a playground is hard for an individual to undertake but if we, as the Parks and Recreation Department, takes the lead and provides an opportunity for our residents to build a better experience for all our children, the impact to our community will be significant.  The community will share this dream, a dream where every child has an equal opportunity to experience the wonders of play.

The Bay City Parks and Recreation Department has been committed to providing special needs programming for approximately 4 years.  This new playscape will ensure that we are providing inclusive resources that benefit all children in our community regardless of ability.

About us!

Bay City’s Park and Recreation Department is responsible for overseeing over 300 acres of developed and undeveloped open space, 24 parks including Le Tulle and Riverside Parks; 2 pools; 4 recreation facilities, city properties and more. Park and recreation professionals and volunteers host community events each year. City employees and volunteers take great pride to enrich the lives of others through quality parks and programs, designed and developed so that people of all ages, abilities and income levels have the chance to participate in excellent recreational opportunities.

There is always something to see and do in a park, recreation facility or pool each and every day. You will find a program, an activity or a special place that brings you back again and again. We are just around the corner, we have something for everyone, and the benefits are endless.


In partnership with our citizens, the Parks and Recreation Department provides park and recreation programs, facilities, and services which respond to changing needs within our communities.

We strive to protect and preserve a park system that promotes quality recreational, cultural and outdoor experiences for the community and enrich the quality of life for present and future generations in a safe and secure environment.   


Parks & Recreation strives to provide safe, beautiful, inclusive and environmentally responsible parks & recreation facilities by becoming key contributors to creating destination activity centers, great neighborhoods, bicycle/pedestrian mobility and outstanding cultural, educational and recreational opportunities.


"We Enrich Lives Through Quality Parks and Programs"


The cost of an accessible playground is well above the standard playground equipment. The proposed playground for this phase is estimated at $40,000 for construction.  It is expected that construction will occur in the spring once all the funds are raised.

Shawn Blackburn
Parks and Recreation Director
Kelly Penewitt
Campaign Manager
Jordan Brown

About Shawn Blackburn

sblackburn@cityofbaycity.org Shawn has been involved with Parks for over 20 years in Arizona and now in Texas

About Kelly Penewitt

kpenewitt@cityofbaycity.org Kelly has worked for several Parks and Recreation departments in the Gulf Coast Area for over twenty years programming and designing events and activities for people of all ages and abilities.

About Jordan Brown

Jordan works for Bay City ISD at Roberts Elementary in the Special Education Department